BBBD Best Undiscovered Tracks Of 2007 (Part 5 of 5)

I feel as though I sold myself short with my statistical sum-up of the year. It was a little bit too straightforward and was only an indication of what I most frequently listened to over the course of the year rather than what I really liked in the end. There is a difference!

I now present to you the fifth (and final) installation of BBBD's Best Undiscovered Tracks List of 2007. (So now I've done artists and unknown acts, but still no favorite albums or "mainstream" independent favorites -- we shall see what the future holds!)

You can get the ZIP of all 25 of my favorite tunes here or download the MP3s one-by-one over the course of five days.

Ungdomskulen - Ordinary Son
Bergen, Norway's Ungdomskulen will make more hair pop up on your chest than a straight double shot of whiskey on the rocks. Play them loud. They are the intelligence of Frank Zappa ("pop music is too much of a constrain for my genius) and the stoic metal fun of Black Sabbath. Priceless. Why didn't this band spring to the scene sooner after the demise of Test Icicles?

Vincent Vincent & the Villains - I'm On My Own
Vincent Vincent & the Villains started that whole rockabilly/old school rock trend that we're experiencing today. Step aside imitators, Vincent Vincent & the Villains did it first. They did it best. Had I made a similar list of undiscovered tracks for 2006, these guys would have topped it. Luckily, they released another single this year and now that I've gotten my act together, they're on a list! Woot!

White Rabbits - The Plot
Crafty, smart pop music that draws from a plethora of world and traditional musics is so in right now. White Rabbits preempted that trend and got us all on the band wagon. Give them their due respects.

White Williams - New Violence
I'm from Cleveland originally. White Williams is our pride and joy; our Beck and Pavement all in one ball. He makes me feel proud to hail from such a depressed industrial city. Keep churning out them hits, White. We love you!

Whitey - Wrap It Up
Whitey is the best thing that could happen to the British music scene today. I would post everything from his "lost" album, Great Shakes, if I could/if it wasn't supposed to officially be a 2008 release, but alas, this is all we've got for now. His organic, analog style of dance music is a highly sought-after musical commodity these days -- we need more liek Whitey. Funky, rocky, foot-stomping beats, fat bass lines, and head bobbing guitar/keyboard hooks. Ahhhh ... too good!


Anonymous said…
no cowtown?
Anonymous said…
will hunt for whitey starting.. now!
theneedledrop said…
I really love your blog. There are a lot of awesome tracks here. I'm going to add a link to your blog on mine, if you don't mind. Check out mine if you get the chance. Hope to hear from you soon.