The Bell

Sweden's most successful pop outfits tend to err on the of major key hooks, bouncy, optimistic hooks, and an underlying aesthetic of freshness and warmth. It's unusual to find a band from the cold country, then, that actually mimics the climate and surroundings. The Bell sounds like they're actually from Sweden -- a dark and distant blend of atmospheric post-punk, sharp yet dance-y rhythms, and bass lines in the higher registers (think Peter Hook's bass playing).

The groups is a solid act, and certainly worth looking into. The remix on the MySpace page is great -- a sort of New Order take on the Happy Mondays with a hokeyness akin to Whitey. The original tunes, though, are great in their own right and are especially suiting me right now, as I write this post in a surprisingly cold L.A. (my fingers are turning purple! -- should I turn on the heat?)

Get the album, Make Some Quiet, from Portland's Badman Recordings Co..Enjoy!

the Bell - I Am History

the Bell - Do You Know How I Feel?

the Bell - On and On