A Classic Education

A Classic Education is the latest post-rock/orchestral-pop/emo-infused musical sensation to spring from ... Italy! The trio sings melodramatic songs that are as big in sound as they are in lyrical depth: they're made for the biggest of auditoriums and stadiums.

I don't know what it's like in Northern Italy, but judging by these tunes, it's probably a wide open area that's freezing cold and dark most of the time. A Classic Education delicately arranges songs so that every line can be heard with crystal clear clarity and in order to enhance the atmospheric, cavernous sound. Close your eyes and listen to this and you'll be sucked into a cold and dark hole wrapped with cascading guitar melodies, chugging-along rhythms lines, weighty bass lines, and piercing vocals. It's not necessarily a desirable place, but it's beautiful in its serenity and calm.

A Classic Education - Stay Son