New Cut Copy Mix, "So Cosmic"

Cut Copy (MySpace) has been hiding out since Bright Like Neon Love was released in 2004. Save for some remixes, various mixes, and two new tracks ("So Haunted" and "Hearts On Fire"), they've kept us guessing and wanting more more more!

The wait is coming to a close, though: the Australian trio will be releasing their second full-length album, In Ghost Colours on Modular Records on April 8. Can't wait, right?

The mix below, "So Cosmic," is an exclusive to Anthem Magazine's blog, but since I'm hosting, I've decided to put it up here. Shh.

It's very good. Sixty minutes of Cut Copy compiled tracks, many of which are off the forthcoming LP. In classic Cut Copy fashion, the mix is delicately arranged ... it beautifully showcases some of the more unusual dance tunes and throws in a plethora of special tracks that we're sure most people don't even know! Cut Copy -- forever a band that reverently pays its respects and homage to the past but never loses its modern appeal. Dig it, folks.

Cut Copy Mix - So Cosmic


Z said…
could you guys be any more clutch. just about to drive for hours and hours, and you offer a cut copy powermixx.

like an afro fletch driving the lane in a dream.
Church Shoes said…
Thanks Guy! It is always nice to download stuff, but at work, I much prefer to stream so I don't get shot or fired. I have been listening to this mix since seven thirty and plan on listening to it until four. I find it very hard to contain myself. My mind is dancing enough for the both of us though. The both of us being my mind and body.
Anonymous said…
Love it, love it, love it!