New Avalon Track, EP

My current favorite Japanese band at the moment is Avalon, a quartet from Tokyo that is signed to [soon-to-dissolve?] Escalator Records ... the label that made everything clear to me, to romanticize it a little. While they've received BBBD love before, I got an email from one of the members the other day notifying me of a new release, 4 Gospels for 2 Testaments which you will soon be able to buy on their MySpace (you can already grab the first EP, Tate House 6 Don'ts for $15 or so).

Okay, I'm all over the place here. I've this gnawing suspicious that Escalator is dying, but they seem intent on keeping the party nights and Every Conversation, the imprint label, alive and well. Thank god. Just verklempt here.

Okay, so Avalon is shaking things up in the Far East. They're young (20 to 25) and a refreshingly new and creative outfit that everyone ought to jump on right now! They merge the noodling melodies of Babyshambles, add a little more clarity and spice via Ratatat devices, throw in some heavy-hitting abrasive-yet-funky Ed Banger cues, and top it all off with the distinctly Japanese tendency to "sound like everything and nothing you've ever heard" all at once.

Amazing. Let's hope the guys are here to stay!

Avalon - Exodus Testament

Avalon - Evil Loves Devil

Avalon - Avalonian's Shrine (Demo)


SDBZ said…
Hey, leafing through your blog.

Have you really heard Escalator is disolving? Their store was fairly busy last time I was in Harajuku, and they still do the occasional release.
ninjapirat said…
Oh man, thats a lovely tune. Coule you repost the other tracks ?

Avalon - Evil Loves Devil
Avalon - Avalonian's Shrine (Demo)
Josh said…
I second the re up! Really keen to get Evil Loves Devil!
nik mercer said…
(1) I've not heard anything about Escalator's health. These are assumptions I've drawn based on recent changes on the sites and additions/subtractions of content.

Last I was as the store, it was hoppin', too. They seem to be keeping all but the main label. That's my guess -- no certainty. Don't quote me!

(2) Two Avalon tracks -- back by popular demand!
Josh said…
evil loves devil doesn't work?
nik mercer said…
There ya go -- everything works! Enjoy.
Josh said…
Simon said…
&Down. Evil Loves Devil that is...