Pete & the Pirates

It's easy to find a new British band every day, and it's almost expected that half of those said found bands will be like the other half. The U.K., it seems, is full of copy-cats, eager to jump on the next trend's bandwagon in a last ditch attempt at maybe garnering some iota of fame.

Pete & the Pirates (MySpace), a Reading Town quintet signed to the wonderful independent, Stolen Recordings, is attempt to garner their own deserved fame and acclaim through something a little different: actual talent, unique musical vision, and a trueness of sound that most other bands -- regardless of geography -- should aspire for.

Pete & the Pirates play some of the most fantastic pop songs around. Most of the tunes on the forthcoming LP, Little Death, clock in under the three-minute mark but compress within that window of time they convey so much. Wildly catchy angular guitar hooks, phenomenal drumming and rhythm keeping that will keep you on the edge of your seat or, better yet, jumping spastically all over the dance floor, and a frantic interplay between the five parts that is unmatched by most bands and certainly is the lifeblood of this indie-pop outfit. They combine the raw energy, sharp corners, and jagged rhythms of dancier groups with a pure punk aesthetic that dirties the whole sound up, adds a little grit and grime, makes it known that Pete & the Pirates are far from perfect. But it's that authenticity in the end that makes the band so damn good.

I cannot rave about these guys anymore. They are beyond words, really, and just need to be fully let into your system.

If you would like another free song, go here, fill out some information, and you'll be gifted "Not A Friend." Check out a few music videos after the jump. Now you're in love, right? Support them -- buy music from iTunes, or Stolen Recordings' Download Shop, or -- better yet -- get hard copies of it all right here!

Pete & the Pirates - Come On Feet

Pete & the Pirates - Knots

Pete & the Pirates - Lost In the Woods