Another Morningside Morning with Oceano da Cruz

oceano da cruz
I tend to avoid singer/songwriter types, but every once in a while, one or two catch my eye. Marnie Stern's album, for example, is one of my favorites of 2007 so far!

Now I've gotten into Morningside Reocrds' own Oceano da Cruz (no, not the Portugese soccer player). This one-man band from Denmark has a style that's all across the board. At times he edges towards grunge, while at others, he sounds like a straight-up country/folk guitarist! Through it all, though, da Cruz maintains a terribly catchy pop aesthetic and style that I can't stop listening to!

There's something tender about all of the songs, even if they are pretty energetic and hooky and poppy. A bedroom recording sort of feel (this comes from the fact that the album, Rocksploitation ... , was recorded [almost] solely by Oceano da Cruz himself) that puts me at ease, yet keeps me hopeful and eager for the future.

Maybe that's too touchy-feely for you all ... just listen to these tracks and see what I mean. What an enjoyable Danish pop act!
Oceano da Cruz - Beehives Mighty Vicious
Oceano da Cruz - Guns for Elephants