When You Think It's Over ...

lions at your door
... It starts up again. I've seen and heard one too many half-assed dance-punk revivals since what? 2003!? It's only been like, four years, so how could it really have died, let alone even existed!?

Stereotypes and biases aside, Lions At Your Door is a fun Sydney, Australia group. They sound like an antsier, looser version of the Gossip (wow! what chops!) or a more straightforward Australian rendition of the Rapture ... or, you get the idea.

They're a powerful group that's got a knack for making some pretty raggedy yet sharp and danceable rhythms and bass lines, and I can't help but get into that. I wish the five-piece the best of luck! Now, check out their "theme song" (I don't even know what the hell it's the theme to, but damn will it get you moving!)
Lions At Your Door - LAYD