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international falls
One of my favorite types of musical finds is one that grows and develops and surprises you the further you get into it all. The deeper you dig, the more excitement and joy you find, making the music you get all the better and leaving you with an especially fulfilling sensation.

This is exactly what happened with me when I stumbled across International Falls, a British Columbia pop group, a few years back (the song? "Old Inhabitants" ... it's genius).
I needed more International Falls. My friends, whom I'd played "Old Inhabitants" to, needed more, too. I put the song on mixes for girlfriends, for birthday presents, for just about anything I could incorporate music into.

Finally, I got in touch with Jay, the frontman of the group. What a day. He delivered a bunch of music to me, and now my mission is complete, my happiness found, my goals fulfilled.
The album that made me falls for International Falls is still wonderful. Better than I'd anticipated. It's all summery Beach Boys harmonies mixed with that endearing lo-fi aesthetic of K Records artists and the noisier qualities of early-90s groups like the Swirlies. I hope you fall for these guys. They're phenomenal; whenever there's a hole -- any sort, any size, and depth -- International Falls will fill it.

In addition to International Falls, Jay plays in the Poison Dart, a folksier, less poppy group in comparison to International Falls. The Poison Dart is fronted by Megan McDonald on vocals, and just with this addition of a female voice, the sound changes totally. The songs are less layered and complex than Internation Falls' stuff ... a little more simple, a little more disjointed, but no less sincere and honest. I like the occasional horns arrangements.

So, be sure to absorb these guys until you're supersaturated with International Falls and the Poison Dart. Truly amazing groups. In addition to The Plateau, International Falls has also released Achievement, a slightly more mature album. But I'm not certain how you're supposed to get your hands on that thing. The Poison Darts have an album, too, and it's called Get Hot! Get some smaples below!
International Falls - Old Inhabitants
International Falls - Under the Weather
International Falls - The Plateau
International Falls - I Want Answers!
the Poison Darts - Lay Low (Lay Low)
the Poison Darts - Mark Of A Man


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