The Teeth

the teeth
Girl Talk isn't the only cool thing coming out of Philadelphia.
They've got the uh ... Liberty Bell, and uh ... a really bad ghetto, and ...
Now, the Teeth (MySpace). The group's sound definitely parallels the sound of their Philly brothers, Man Man, but ... not quite.

Indeed, the Teeth have a hokey sound, but it sounds less derivative of Eastern European folk music and more like garage rock. But there's something sort of jazzy to them (that drumming, perhaps?), and something quirkier and denser than stereotypical garage (the off-kilter vocals? the harmonies? the jangly guitars?) ... this four-piece has fostered such a cool, unique sound, and I love it. This is the Kinks done by Man Man, this is Mick Jagger trying to make a Zappa tune. You get the idea ... a band of backwards pairings in the most delightful way. Love it.
the Teeth - Molly Make Him Pay
the Teeth - The Trumpets Blared
the Teeth - Walk Like A Clown


Anonymous said…
look, girl talk ISN'T from philly. he's from Pittsburgh, pgh, whatever.