The Noise from France

kap bambino
I never thought that France would have a noise music scene, but apparently, they do. Hmm ... still gotta absorb and digest it all.

For the time being, though, I'm digging what I'm hearing ... I found this, excuse me, tres cool French label, WWILKO. Just looking at the website is a chore! Aesthetically, WWILKO is Factory Records designed by Paper Rad. (Oh, and check out the Gangpol & Mit album ... craziest printed vinyl I've ever seen!)

So check out some of the artists! They're all very happy, all edging on hardcore and noise, and all very eager to just play around. That approach often is the most fun when it comes to making music (especially when you don't know much), so I give them cred! I'm a sucker for Kap Bambino (imagine Crystal Castles on crack with trashier samples), but Gangpol & Mit is pretty rad, too ... a little more synth-oriented and playful.
Kap Bambino - Hey
Kap Bambino - Night Vision