Get ON It!

white rabbits
If you haven't heard of White Rabbits yet (signed to the fantastic Say Hey Records), get on it! These dudes are hot hot hot!

The quintet's LP, Fort Nightly has been on constant replay for me for a couple weeks now, and I still can't quite place why I love them so. But here's a shot at explaining it ... (or you can just check out their "reviews" written by a bunch of 8th graders here).

This is very assertive yet jangly pop at the core, but there's so much more going on. The bass line and piano melodies often times are reminiscent of ragga or early reggae tunes, there are qualities of noise rock here and there (they whip out the distortion every once in a while), and most importantly, there are addictive, dancey hooks that couldn't be better. You just gotta love the groove of these guys ... it's so fluid and unique, I can't help but submit! There's something mystical and eerie about the tracks, but boy is it all so accessible! Head over to the MySpace page for more samples!
White Rabbits - Say Hey
White Rabbits - Kid On My Shoulders