I recently came across this very cool Swedish electro group (it's really just one guy, though), Familjen and guess what? I like them!

One quirkier thing about Familjen is that Johan Karlsson (the one guy in the studio group) sings solely in Swedish! You never hear that anymore! It's always English these days! So I appreciate his willingness to stick to his mother tongue and work it from that angle.

Last year Familjen released an EP (some of the songs are below or up on the MySpace page), and that whet my appetite, but this forthcoming album on Adrian Recordings/Hybris sound spectacular. This is electro pop with heavy club undertones ... despite the shortness of the tracks and the mellow singing, these songs tend to not feel like pop numbers, but rather club hits. The ambiguous nature of the music makes it all the more compelling to me.
Damn I want to play this stuff live ...
Familjen - Ja Nej
Familjen - Ivanhoe & Rebecca
Familjen - Hog Luft (Familjen original version)
Familjen - Fujasaki (Remix)
Familjen - The Field (Remix)


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