BiBaBiDi Exclusive: Arizona's "Traverser Credit Music"

It's been a while since we've heard from the spectacular NYC indie-pop band (with heavy folk leanings), Arizona. These guys were much hyped late last year, making it to many Top 10 Best Albums lists.

The group is currently finalizing a follow-up EP to the heart-melting self-released album, Welcome Back Dear Children and negotiating music biz junk. I was so glad to hear that the guys are still kickin' and will continue to produce such catchy tunes. "Some Kind of Chill" will remain perfect mix tape material for me whenever I want to make a beautiful and charming (and perhaps a twinge melancholy?) playlist ... "Sombersby" is one of the grandest summery pop-rock songs I've heard in ages (why isn't this an anthem yet?) ... and "Stay With Who You Know" will never cease to be a head-bobbin' track.

So I love 'em. The guys were nice enough to keep my appetite whet with this song they recorded for their friend Albert Thrower's film, Fall of the Traverser. The one bit of direction they got out of the NYU student was to make it sound '80s and ... I think there's a bit of that going on here. Regardless, it's a fantastic song even if it does clock in after only a little more than a minute. Check it out!
Arizona - Traverser Credit Music


Anonymous said…
Can you repost this track please?