Camera Obscura B-Side

camera obscura
As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of Camera Obscura (MySpace), the Glasgow band which released its crowning masterpiece, Let's Get Out of This Country last year.

The record was exactly what they've been shooting for since 1996: melancholy, folk-pop-infused shoegaze. They confidently fostered that sound, too, with the last LP, and it's been on regular replay every since I got the thing!

The group just released the single for "Tears for Affairs," a wonderful song in its own right. But the b-side, "The Last Song," is blowing me away. It sounds like the reprise to "Razzle Dazzle Rose": a folksier contemplation after the end of the full-length. I love it, and cannot wait for more ... check it out!
Camera Obscura - The Last Song


Anonymous said…
very poetic. this is their best work. what lyricism! such weightless melodies!
Nicholas Mercer said…
i agree. their masterpiece is, by all counts, the latest album. what a spectacular b-side, too! glad you liked it!