I've never heard such a bizarre surname, but I like Gooblar (MySpace) -- the last name of the frontman, David Gooblar (!) -- regardless of the strange way the name roles of your tongue.
David had been in many bands before he wound up in London to work on a PhD and then discovered he had to return to the world of music.

And what a return it was! There's something loose and free about Gooblar's music that is reminiscent of a [tighter] Pavement mixed with the awesome clean, forward pop music of New Wave sensations like Elvis Costello. There's a little bit of a Spoon twinge there, too ... these guys rock out like they're the British version of an alternative Texas group!

The band released an EP that they recorded in April ... here are three of the five songs!
Gooblar - Girl
Gooblar - The Times That You're In
Gooblar - Twentieth Century


Sweeny said…
Thanks for these. Haven't listened to them yet, but thought you'd like to know that I was persuaded to take a flyer on them just by the way you wrote about them.

Good work, feller!

alex said…
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I search about Gooblar's music and band but failed to do so because I was interested when I read your article. I wonder what songs did he played.Do you have a list? I would like to try it. Thanks.
Jenny said…
I think that they are fantastic band. With their music, you could say they are professional and a talented band. :D