One time when I was in Tokyo last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience ... the Organ Bar. The place is literally smaller than a hole in the wall (the capacity is maybe 30 tops), but it is so cool. It's owned and operated by Sunagawa T. and -- I think -- Konishi Yasuharu (of Pizzicato Five fame). Regardless, Konishi-san has a major hand/stake in the place.

The night I went I actually got to meet the founder of P5! That was very exciting. In addition, though, I met Chabe (AKA Cubismo Grafico of Escalator Records), and a exceptionally pretty ex-model who now goes by the name Caede. Her debut album, Queen, was released recently on Escalator Records and was produced by Chabe!
Enough with the side story.

I really dig this record, and I know that all of you who remember the old days at BiBaBiDi -- when I posted a lot more Japanese stuff -- will dig the tracks, too.
They've the bounce and poppieness of recent Cubismo tracks, but they're clearly Escalator's attempt at putting their own idol out on the market. I don't think it'll ever get there for them, but this is a very nice try. Queen is delightfully poppy, occasionally more contemplative and blue, and just beautifully produced throughout. If you're looking for ten nice and clean pop songs with a little bit of dance and a little bit of electro-pop in the mix, Caede is your girl.

Now if only Yukari Fresh released something new ...
Caede - I Know You Well Baby
Caede - C.A.E.D.E.
Caede - The Bed Only Knows


Anonymous said…
I want this album so bad! I'm trying to get it ever since I found her MySpace I'm so glad you put up those MP3's to tie me over till I get the album! Thanks! :)