A New Chance

the tough alliance
The Tough Alliance's new album, A New Chance (due out in early May on Sincerely Yours) has, unfortunately, been leaked! (Who woulda know ... )

It's killer, though. Absolutely stone cold. Right on, right on.
Everything that I've written before about the group still applies ... this LP is New Order doing a beach party with some dub undertones and a nice, bouncy vibe.
Also, A New Chance really feels like an album. It develops perfectly and serenely and ends with a more delicate touch (which I wasn't expecting, but do indeed appreciate).

The group re-recorded a song they did a demo of in 2004 called "Looking For Gold." I thought you would all like to check out the original track as an enticement to buy the record!
the Tough Alliance - Looking for Gold (demo)