I'm used to sweet, poppy Swedish music. Peter Bjorn & John, the Concretes, Envelopes ... all those folks and more!
The label that released the spectacular Santa Maria album (a 60s throwback pop album, I should add), Slottet, though, has dabbled in the more experimental, especially with Strountes.

Curiously, Strountes features Maria Eriksson of the Concretes fame (she also is the brains behind Sanat Maria) ...
Their debut self-titled record is -- here, I'm going to try and write it out -- freak folk. It's truly freaky (not like Banhart or anything). Like Rocky Erikson (hah!) doing foksier music. Or like Gang Gang Dance/Excepter recording with a couple Swedish pop die hards. It's very bizarre, but -- just as all Swedish pop -- incredibly compelling.

Check some of it out! You've got to get the CD to truly experience it, though ...
Strountes - Sing Sit Here
Strountes - I Turn In the Room Sleepless