I cannot help but be all over concept albums, or any music release that's got some sort of conceptual footing.

SUMO (signed to the bizarre, quirky, and exceptionally tasteful Swedish label, Heyya Hifi), therefore, is a band after my own heart. Their latest release, The Danceband, is simply ... a tribute to dance music: "a tribute to rhythms and to the people who feel them." I'm really digging these funky beats, hard bass lines, and throwback disco vocals that aren't James Murphy's.

The group's technically just a two-piece, but The Danceband features one hell of a group of collaborators (primarily standing in for singing duties), and that only makes them sound all the more rad. So check out some of their songs, but the thing from Beatport, and be happy; get down.
SUMO - Lovebeat
SUMO - Tribute