Taxi Taxi

taxi taxi
Most bands don't have exceptionally interesting back stories. They met at school; they met at a luncheon; they met at a concert; they met at a job.
Taxi Taxi defies those formulaic formulation tales ... the band -- the "brainchild" of Terence Bernardo -- actually met in the back of a taxi during the strike of 2005 in NYC!

The passengers quickly found that they all liked the same genres and styles ... from ESG to Big Star. Listening to their album, Maps & Legends, I can completely see how that's the case! This stuff sounds like ESG-meets-surf-rock-meets-D.C.-punk at an Animal House-esque party.

Crazy, yet sharp and rhythmic; dancey, yet harsh and punky at times; fun with a twinge of seriousness. Fate had to have been what brought Taxi Taxi together ... how fortunate we are!
Taxi Taxi - Shoot the Dog, Chop the Tree
Taxi Taxi - X Marks the Spot