New Figurines

The spectacular Danish post-punk pop group, Figurines (signed to Morningside Records), is prepping their third album, When The Dear Wore Blue. It's going to be fantastic.

The single ("Hey Girl") is out, and while it's different than anything on Skeleton, I think it's pretty rad. The group's lost some of the frantic quality that made their music so energetic and catchy, but they've made up for it by stressing their songwriting talents. "Hey Girl" is more baroque-pop than I'd expected, but poppy and fun and plenty hooky for me. After just a few listens, I've fallen for it.

So check out the streaming track below.


Mr Rossy said…
OMG, thanks for bringing this to my attention, this band are sO good. They're last record was my favourite from last year, they deserve alot more attention if you ask me !!!

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