Boat Club

boat club
To say the least, my obsession with Swedish music is only becoming more intense rather than dwindling away. My latest find -- and boy is this a find! -- is Boat Club, a Gothenburg-based duo who sound like a terribly sweet and atmospheric combination of Swedish pop mainstays such as Bob Hund and more ethereal post-punkers like Cocteau Twins and Joy Division. On top of it all, they've a knack for writing plenty o' poppy guitar hooks that remind me of Scottish bands like Orange Juice and Aztec Camera.

But they've a bigger sound that all of the above bands ... a more ambitious style that's loaded with reverb, echoes, and bouncy beats and bass lines. It's exceptionally catchy and I just can't get enough! Keep an eye out for these two ... they've been playing together since 1998 or so, but now things appear to be taking off. The two just released a 3" CD in February on I Wish I Was Unpopular, and are about to have a 6-track EP released (any day now!) on the Swedish label, Luxxury!

Boat Club - Warmer Climes


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more swedish music! more swedish music!