More Tough Alliance: "First Class Riot"

the tough alliance
I already wrote all I've to say about Sincerely Yours and the Tough Alliance. The label is spectacular ... what a vision! And the band is a group after my own heart ... how do they do!?

Listen to a new track of theirs, "First Class Riot." Again, more New Order synth washes and precision drumming with perfect vocals to match. This song is perfect for the wind-up and the wind-down alike ... or anytime, really!

Keep it up, TTA and Sincerely Yours! Forever amazed ...
the Tough Alliance - First Class Riot


Anonymous said…
cool blog.
Anonymous said…
The real deal!!! Du e min gud!
Anonymous said…
i bet these guys are gonna be the next big thing.
that kinda makes me sad because i want them all to myself. :D
not that way