Guest Review: Laced Magazine

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We at BiBaBiDi are always for looking out for ways in which we can collaborate and work with other members of our communities. One of my friends, Chas Long, lives out in Hamilton, NY and recently co-created Laced, a style, art, and music magazine that represents the hipster 20-somethings of upstate New York.
I'm a big fan of the online magazine (which will go print soon), and always enjoy discussing music with Chas (who has great taste, as you'll soon see)!

He's agreed to do a semi-regular track review for BiBaBiDi. This week: Dungen's "Familj" off the forthcoming Tio Bitar.
"Familj," the second track off of Dungen’s newest creation, Tio Bitar is everything you could want from the Swede psych-outfit. This song makes me want to find a secluded beach house, reminiscent of the one burnt down on the Swedish coast in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Offret, and watch sunsets or do something equally awe inspiring. The sinuous organ pieces and sparse electric guitars epitomize Dungen’s resounding quality of lulling you into a reality beyond your current. Tio Bitar on the whole achieves this in the same fashion as 2004’s Ta Det Lugnt by winding through seamless astral melodies and entrancingly soothing and epic guitar pieces, the latter of which can be heard by picking up the new album and listening to the next track. Get it. Sit back and enjoy.
Dungen - Familj

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