Sister Self Doubt

So, so many hot releases coming out this summer. Why can't it go by quicker!? Never mind ... we've gotta live this one up while it's still in progress!

Shakes are a stellar dancey, electronic, rocky duo from the U.K. Their stuff sounds like a heavier version of LCD Soundsystem (more cowbell, boys!) combined with the beats and rad rhythms of dance acts like MSTRKRFT and Justice (and they definitely deserve that comparison, as Shakes are working on remixes for GoodBooks, Datarock, and Kasabian!)

Their sound will make you sweatier than you would be to begin with on the dance floor, but that's exactly what we need now! These guys have me hooked already, so I can't even imagine what the public opinion's going to be once the EP, Sister Self Doubt, comes out on I Am Sound Records on June 5. I'll make the prediction, anyway: they'll love it.