Giddy Up!

This is such a good week. Fantastic band after fantastic band (and more to come, let me tell ya). Foals is my latest discovery. The U.K.-based quintet plays super frantic dance-punk that sounds like a bizarre twist of the Rapture and Pavement on speed.
They've the noodling qualities of groups like Modest Mouse, but churn out some spectacular hooks and bass ditties that I can't get enough of.

Also ... those vocals kick hard, man. Bold, shouty, and a little flat, yet absolutely perfect for this sort of music: the contrast between low and high is doubly apparent, and that rocks.

A bit of history on the five-piece: the young lads all met at Oxford (!) where they became friends. The group realized how boring electro tracks can be, so they decided to create their own uber-technical band to combat the bad trax out there. I would tell them, "mission accomplished." Check out their single, "Hummer," below and buy the single from iTunes!
Foals - Hummer


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It was oxford, not Cambridge
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