Club 8 Remixed

Sweden's Labrador Records persistently releases a mixed bag of music. For every great band (i.e. Acid House Kings, Sambassadeur, the Radio Dept.), there's a not-so-great one (i.e. Irene); for every mediocre one (i.e. the Mary Onettes, the Legends), there's another mediocre one (i.e. Loveninjas). So it's with caution that BBBD picks up and listens to new Labrador material ... you'll just never know what's next for them!

Club 8 tends to fall into the "great" category (they must be! Labrador is now offering a 4XCD set of Club 8 reissues that you can get at their online store for about 65 USD).

In support of the duo's latest full-length, The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming, Labrador commissioned Stockholm's Jimahl to remix "Jesus, Walk With Me" ... and it's pretty solid! In the usual Club 8 fashion, it's very relaxed, focusing on sparse yet rhythmic beats and swooning female vocals. Check it out below!

Club 8 - Jesus, Walk With Me (Jimahl P Remix)

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Anonymous said…
A find. Lovely - thankyou.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic tunes, thanks BB