Yves Klein Blue Interview (Part 2 of 2)

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And speaking of touring ... what're your live shows like? Exuberant? Relaxed? Do you try to add something different to the songs or are you too occupied with just playing the notes?

I'm not sure what they are like for the audience -- for us, we just give our live shows everything we have at that particular moment. We're a rock band I suppose, so we put a lot of energy into it: there is occasional bleeding, mandatory sweating, falling down, guitar solos, drum fills, inexcusably bad dancing (on our part only) etc. We play our songs and occasionally indulge in a long ending rock out, most of the time we try to keep it only tastefully long.
People seem to like it though.

I hate to ask this question, and I rarely do, but your name is just too damn strange. Are you named after the French artist, Yves Klein's 'Blue Monochrome' or is that just sheer coincidence? Anyway -- where'd it come from? Does it connote any particular meaning for you?

Not at all -- its a perfectly natural question.
Yes -- or at least you are on the right track. We named ourselves after the color IKB (a hue invented and patented by Klein which a great deal of work, including "Blue Monochrome" is painted with). The color is famous because it appears the same dry as it does wet - it does not lose its vibrancy with age. I guess you can take our name as a metaphor, as it is our aspiration to create music of timeless quality, lasting music. Whether we do or not is another story altogether.

Here's a more conceptual one for you. You're a great band, but is it ever frustrating to know that, as time passes, there's less and less of a chance of (a) distinguishing yourselves from the massive piles of music that surround up and (b) be appreciated, remembered? Are these just not concerns or is it something that sort of ... haunts and bothers you?

Thats a big question.
I must preface this by saying I'm absolutely pooped and my brain may not be able to apprehend all the relevant thoughts disobediently whizzing about inside my skull however I'll do my best.
Well it's not a concern, in short, but I am unable to answer questions succinctly.
You are saying that its competition with our peers and teachers and we have more teachers than our teachers did sort of? right?
So, first of all I would question the accuracy of those statements -- people have made breakthroughs in music, but its all a cobbled up version of everything they know to exist and consider relevant and then they open up their mouths up kind of thing most of the time so in a way this has always been the case. Further things always get rehashed and sometimes its successful and even less times its inventive but it happens.
Might it be, maybe its just the number of "first times" that has diminished?
Its all been done to a certain extent but in away its always all been done.
I think you have to distinguish yourself from is the hoard of music produced by your contemporaries more than those that have come before you. People look back on the 60s nostalgically as a golden era of music (it of course was) however, they forget that the pool that we listen to now is what survives from masses and masses of cheaply cut 7"s of market-orientated pop bands. I don't think its harder now; I imagine it's the same thing today, it's just you don't know until down the track.
In any case, I don't think you can calculate being remembered; you can only write what you can write to a certain extent.
Being remembered is not something that is left up to you after all ...
Fuck it! I don't know!
I can only answer that question in this multiple choice format ...

(A) Yes
(B) Strongly disagree
(C) A protective mask worn by bee keepers
(D) None of the above

And I choose ... (C).

Rapid fire shorties:
Favorite Australian beer?

XXXX Bitter.

Favorite Australian band?
John Steel Singers

Favorite band at present?
Tom Waits (is he a band?)

Favorite form of transportation?

Favorite film?
Sleuth (original version).

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