The Limes

Paris' the Limes (MySpace) is comprised of Toy Fight, Orouni, Mina Tindle, John Hale and Brent Ballantyne. Maybe that's more resonant to our readers in France. BBBD only knows Orouni (a French folk favorite!), but surely the other members of the quasi-supergroup must be good ...

The group's MySpace page describes their stuff as "melodramatic pop music." Whenever I see that phrase, I think, "OH HO HO! How funny and ironic -- not." Who actually sincerely uses "melodramatic" to describe their music if they're not an emo outfit or self-respecting?

Oddly, in the case of the Limes, the terms seems ... apt. "Big Top Head" is especially "melodramatic", a swooping folk ballad that winds on for over six minutes. It's delicate and lo-fi in a sophisticated sort of way ... Grizzly Bear minus the tremendous reverb plus a bit of a French accent plus a hint of twee pop. Or something.

"City Lights" sounds like a bedroom cover of something by the Human League or -- better yet -- Eurythmics. (I kid you not -- put it on already! You're curious, admit it!)

"Left Hands" is just fun. It edges dangerously close to cheesy French pop-rock, but is redeemed by fun hand claps, a bouncy guitar riff, and a piano line that sounds a hell of a lot like "Heart and Soul." Man, these guys are fun! I love it! Listen listen listen! They'll be on Wes Anderson's next film soundtrack; they'll be in a Target or VS ad; they'll be in your heart and soul, no doubt.

the Limes - Big Top Head

the Limes - City Lights

the Limes - Left Hand Cycles

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