Everyone's getting ready to head down to Austin and check out this year's wonderful SXSW festival, right? Well, even if you're not (hey, at least you're avoiding long lines?), BBBD would like to expose you of the greatness that will be showcased from ... tomorrow until March 16.

Everyone ought to be checking out Summer Lovers Unlimited's showcase featuring the Tough Alliance (huge heartthrob for this blog), Dandi Wind (yes yes yes!), Apache Beat (rough, rugged, and recently remixed by BBYYY), the Homosexuals (one of the most under-appreciated [post-]punk bands of the late-70s and early-80s that has reformed), Twin Crystals (ultra-gritty, bass-heavy garage punk with an undeniable dance-y edge), and Caps & Jones (Philly ridiculousness that must be heard).

An amazing line up to say the least, right?

So: Beauty Bar, March 15, 8 PM - 1 AM. Party. Party, party. It will be amazing. Below are some tunes -- one by each of the featured bands -- that S.L.U.'s Patrik North was so kind as to give us bloggers! Check 'em all out (you better!)

the Tough Alliance - Silly Crimes

Dandi Wind - Adolescent

Apache Beat - Tropics

the Homosexuals - Let's Celebrate

Twin Crystals - Two Girls

Caps & Jones - 1970s Heron Flow

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