Mystery Jets Release Three Versions of 7" Single

A new marketing tactic has been implemented by the music industry! Instead of releasing just one single with a b-side or two tacked on, release approximately three vinyl 7"s (each with slightly differing tracklists) along with digital versions and CD editions! That's like ... five times the normal amount of singles so it probably means five times the normal net income, right? Right?

I doubt it. If anything, when bands like the Teenagers (and now the Mystery Jets) release an overwhelming number of the same a-side, I scratch my head and wonder if it's worth anyone's time (mine, collectors', or die-hard fans'). Buying three singles approximates the cost of one LP, so why would one bother grabbing up two- or three-song discs when he or she could just get a superior album?

Is my thinking totally skewed here? Do you agree? Disagree? Hmm ...

Anyway, if you've not guessed (or heard) yet, the new Erol Alkan-produced Mystery Jets (MySpace) record, Twenty One, is very, very good. As you would expect from the renowned electronic/dance/techno DJ and producer, it's super clean and crisp, layering tracks in a precise and distinguishable way. It's also pretty darn dance-y ... a little more than I'd expected. Super hooky. No flatliners on this one. No dead space.

Anyway. The below song, "Girl Shaped Gun," is one of the b-sides to be found on the new Young Love single. This particular tune can be found only on the "standard edition" of the vinyl release ("Metal Soul" is the b-side on the "gatefold version"; "Uber Liebe Geld (Flakes Dictaphone Demo)" is on the CD release). You can buy all three releases as a bundle here. Not sure why you'd ever buy any of the songs digitally, so we'll skip those links for now ...

Mystery Jets - Girl Shaped Gun

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