New Juvelen, "Don't Mess"

Juvelen (MySpace) has a fantastic new single out, "Don't Mess," and while I've posted the MP3 below, you'll note that it is very low quality -- I'm trying to get you to buy the Hybrism release from their online store. Just $1.20 for one song, man ... grab it!

"Don't Mess" is a great tune ... it's a sublime merging of like, Cyndi Lauper and the Jackson Five. I put this on, and I alternate between wanting to sing the chorus to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "ABC" -- it's surreal, man.

I end on a line pulled from Juvelen's MySpace page: "may I kick it?"

Juvelen - Don't Mess

Juvelen - Don't Mess (Body In Thames Remix)

Buy it at Insound!


JJS III said…
This is quite the jam.
Anonymous said…
Or you can ignore the ethical arguments from a guy pimping blogads and begging for donations on his sidebar and get the original on Discobelle.