Sally Shapiro, Remix Romance Vol. 1

Sweden's talented chanteuse, teamed with Italian disco influenced super-producer Johan Agebjörn, Sally Shapiro (MySpace) has been slowly creeping back into our iPod playlists with news of numerous DJ sets, new singles (including the killer cover of Charlie's "Spacer Woman"), and now, finally, a remix album (cleverly titled Remix Romance Vol. 1, out in April).

The remix compilations include reworks by the likes of Juan MacLean, the Cansecos, Junior Boys, Lindström, CFCF, Dntel, Russian Futurists, and plenty others. In total, there are twenty remixes spread out amongst the two discs, so be sure to pick up both as they're all killer.

The Shapiro/Agebjörn collaborative pairing is perfect: Agebjörn's super-clean, bass heavy yet space-y production style melds sublimely with Shapiro's alto-leaning, smooth vocal style, and fortunately, little of that original quality is lost or diluted in the remixes. So don't be skeptical! They're rad.

Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side (Russian Futurists Remix)

Johan Agebjörn - Spacer Woman From Mars (feat. Sally Shapiro)

Sally Shapiro - Time to Let Go (CFCF Remix)

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