Lykke Li Re-edited by Sumo

Damn it, Sweden keeps getting more and more interesting. The music scene is perpetually morphing and diversifying, making it difficult to "get bored" of the Scandinavian nation.

BBBD wrote of SUMO (MySpace) last year, but the quartet has since passed under our radar. Which is a shame since they've been keeping busy with a new single, "It's Good" (which incidentally features Juvelen), and a tremendous amount of DJ and club work.

The one remix (technically it's a re-edit, but what the hell is the difference?) that caught my eye ear was of Lykke Li's "I'm Good, I'm Gone" (the best track off her Youth Novels LP). It's pretty true to the original and instantly recognizable as Lykke's song, but SUMO slowed things down a bit, added a goofy little synth line, some funkier rhythms and drum fills, and layered Ms. Li's vocals in a subtlety different manner. Very cool. Very good.

Get down to this jam. She's in Austin right now, I think ... be prepared for a Lykke explosion!

Lykke Li - I'm Good I'm Gone (SUMO Re-edit)

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
got to see her play at SXSW yesterday and it was a amazing show. top stuff.

Anonymous said…
you're a better person for posting this. amazing.