Modernaire is a Manchester trio that is "a heady mix of midnight synthesizers, tales of murder and intrigue, choral harmonies and electronic drums of war, Modernaire are putting a dagger into the back of bland electronic pop."

I didn't write the above passage -- the band included it in their press release -- but I'd say it's pretty spot on, and certainly not an over-complementary assessment of their style and sound.

Manchester music always sounds different to me; it's darker, more industrial and gritty ... maybe its the ambiance of the city in contrast to that of London. I don't know, but I do know that Modernaire doesn't sound much like any other U.K. pop outfit of today. Vocally, they're edging towards Kate Nash territory, but in terms of melodies and beats, they teeter somewhere between club-y electronic and ethereal synth-pop. It's a refreshingly unusual mixture of equally appealing styles, so check them out! The below track is a boss remix, but you can find more tunes over at their MySpace page.

Modernaire - Faites Vos Jeux (Hemme Fatale Remix)

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Anonymous said…
the vocals are ok in a crappy-version-of-sarah-records way but the music for this (and most modernaire songs, going off their myspace page) is just the laziest most uninspired shit. there are far better bands coming from manchester than this dross.