Leaf & Giraffe

Leaf & Giraffe is Music Related's latest [mysterious] signing.

While no information has been released as to who the heck Leaf & Giraffe is and no mention of a release has been stated, they released this great mix, Mr. No Music Podcast No. 2, which features Studio, Bot'ox, Low Motion Disco, Chromatics, Holy Fuck, and many more. Perhaps that's indicative of what Leaf & Giraffe will wind up sounding like, but you never know ...

Download the mix below! (It's very, very good.)

As an aside, Music Related is also currently offering a great deal: $35 for five releases (aus, ST, the Sea, Pandatone, Nobuko Hori) ... and you don't even have to pay for shipping! Check the offer out here, and act while the opportunity is still there!
Leaf & Giraffe - Mr. No Music Podcast No. 2

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