The Sweet Serenades

Sweden Sweden Sweden today, tomorrow, next week, next month ...
I'm so biased, man ... it's pitiful. Anyway. No self-pitying inner-monologues today.

The Sweet Serenades (MySpace) is a Stockholm-based duo that plays this I'm From Barcelona sort of campy sing along stuff combined with rougher American garage rock and a hint of folksier leanings. Apparently Martin, one of the pair, is in Club 8's live band -- small world (or maybe not really ... it would be if both bands lived in totally separate cities or spoke different languages or something). A cutesier version of the Thrills or a peppier Kings of Leon ... something along those lines.

The band released the superb First Taste EP; five rather disparate and differing tunes jammed into one disc. Pick it up over at CD Baby or, if you're more of a digital dude, get it at iTunes. Righteous.

And here're a few tracks for your sampling pleasure and perusal.

the Sweet Serenades - First Taste of Trouble

the Sweet Serenades - I Can Never Die

Buy it at Insound!