Cut Copy Interview/Concert/After-party

Cut Copy Interview, Concert, and After-party from Anthem Magazine on Vimeo.
Cut Copy (MySpace) has a rigorous and super busy year or two ahead of them. After four years of waiting, the Australian trio has finally produced a sophomore LP, In Ghost Colours, and their fans -- not to mention the group itself -- couldn't be happier, more ecstatic. (It's really good, by the way.)

The three passed through L.A. on March 10 on their way to SXSW and a few other select U.S. locations before kicking off their "real" tour in April. I was fortunate to meet up with them on behalf of Anthem in between their countless interviews, photo shoots, performances, DJ sets, and scarfing down of food. We captured some photo shoot footage and a brief interview at the Modular offices in Echo Park, tons of concert footage at the Echo, and a significant portion of their after-party DJ set.

Check out the full story over at Anthem Online and stream the stellar "So Cosmic" DJ set below (too good to forget about).

Cut Copy - So Cosmic

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