One More "U.R.A. Fever" Remix

My apologies for this insult before I even lay it out ...
Who the heck decides to go by Remdog!? Sorry. Can't deal with it. You might be a talented guy ... a smart person ... a great musical talent ... but as long as you go by Remdog, I'm not a subscriber, fan, or follower.

London's Remdog merits some attention, though, for producing a pretty good remix of the Kills' (MySpace) first single off Midnight Boom, "U.R.A. Fever." It's an amazing LP, and, in my opinion, doesn't really deserve to be remixed, re-edited, or reinterpreted, but some have felt the compulsion to do so, and I can't argue with that.

Remdog's remix is easy-going and stripped down ... it's essentially a vocal rendition of the original tune, so if only for that reason it's interesting, that's fair. Anyway. You all know how great the Kills are, so I don't need to say much more ... enjoy the remix.

the Kills - U.R.A. Fever (Remdog Remix)

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