Today, not such a great day. Tomorrow? Maybe cheerier.
Hence the reason I'm diggin' ultCult, a cute London lo-fi quartet that's just ... chillin' me out, soothing me. I want to go to sleep.

They're the lowest of lo-fi -- all of the songs sound as though they were recorded in the vocalist's bathroom tub; all of the songs are masterfully restrained; all of the songs are uniquely complex and layered. UltCult is mystifying, though ... they're less resemblant of trashier lo-fi/twee/bedroom acts because they just seem so damn skilled. Give these four a studio and weathered producer, and they'd surely crank out some funky dance tracks, a handful of swooning ballads, and a set of compelling Stereolab-esque atmospheric, chilling ditties.

Listen to the two songs below and check out everything on the MySpace page and you'll get what I mean. Great vocalist, superb yet underspoken drumming, heavier-than-you'd-expect bass lines, and a warming pastiche of extra orchestral lines, synth bits, and sequencer use. Really cool stuff. Dig it and hope my spirits take a turn for the better.

ultCult - Five Bedrooms and Two Lounges

ultCult - Odious Emporium (Demo)

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theneedledrop said…
This has a really charming characteristic to it. Thank you for this!
Anonymous said…
Good post, although they're not from London at all, but instead Pontefract in West Yorkshire.
Anonymous said…
See ultCult live this Friday at Bardens Boudoir, east London from 8pm!

More info: www.myspace.com/musicismyboy