"Love No" Remixed by Tepr

The Teenagers just released a new single, "Love No," on March 10. There are actually three different versions of the 7" to be picked up ... one has "Love No" as the a-side with "Trouble" on the reverse, another has "Love No" covered by Soko with "Tiger" as the b-side, and the other one has two remixes of "Love No," one by Tepr (below) and the other by Delorean (which you can grab from BBBD right here -- it's solid).

So now you want to get all three in addition to the XL-released Reality Check (buy it!), right? Maybe not.

Anyway, download the remix by the trio's fellow French compatriot, Tepr, below. The rework is spastic and infused with cheesy 90s rave vibes, but is fun and undeniably "works" with the Teenagers' overall aesthetic and vibe. (Everyone's remixing this tune, huh?)

the Teenagers - Love No (Tepr Remix)

Buy it at Insound!


JJS III said…
That "Woo! Yeah!" sample gets me EVERY time.