Friends Of the Bride

The U.K. may not have the most diverse of music scenes, but they certainly can churn out digestible, talented, and exciting bands. No disrespect meant, of course; if anything, BBBD is endlessly impressed by how many good bands our colonial brothers can churn out!

Old school rock, swing, jazz, calypso, and soul seem to be the buzz words of the moment when it comes to describing bands on the rise (Vincent Vincent & the Villains, Rumble Strips, Vampire Weekend, White Rabbits), and that's totally fine by us. Friends Of the Bride share that jazzy vibe and those swingin' rock melodies and rhythms, but they stray from the "norm," too, and wind up sounding like a hokey Wall Of Voodoo/Oingo Boingo-filtered off-kilter and quirky rendition of some of the other hip and nostalgically dreamy bands of today.

Download -- for free! -- their super single, "End Of Loneliness" right here (or below if you'd prefer to surpass the mailing list sign-up option). The London quartet also reminded me to tell all you readers that their tunes can be purchased "for a quid!" over at Pure Groove Digital -- "You Think You Can Dance" is supposed to be awesome. For those of you itching for hard copies of their music, bounce over to Pure Groove [Analog?] and they'll fix ya right up.

Friends Of the Bride - End Of Loneliness

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
this is excellent, great fun bouncy stuff that sounds like nothing else.