Junior Boys Remix Sally Shapiro

Junior Boys (MySpace) are busting back onto the scene in a slightly altered form in preparation of their forthcoming third long-player. They released "No Kind of Man," a slow and moody soulful R&B track and mixed the stellar Body Language Six for Get Physical Music, showing us that they mean business.

To further strengthen their reputation, they've contributed a remix to Sally Shapiro's (MySpace) Remix Romance Vol. 1. A mix of the phenomenal Italo disco slow jam "Jackie Jackie" cutely renamed "Jackie Junior." The new version maintains the original's pace, but adds that trademark throbbing Junior Boys synth bass line and sharp drum snaps (a la New Order), twisting the tune in a welcomely different manner.

Shapiro's got not one, but two remix albums out/coming out, and as we've said on these pages before, they're awesome and deserve your full attention. Lucky for us, we've a new freebie to sample before picking up the hard copies.

Can't wait to hear what Junior Boys've got in store, but, more importantly, you all can't wait to hear these two Shapiro remix records, right?

Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Remix)

Buy it at Insound!


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