Posts like this one aren't really in the established BBBD style, but this DJ from Seattle, THRILLS is pretty good, and he deserves a nice post.

The Washington native has been behind turntables since he was in high school, and his pure skill and sheer talent does really show throw in both his original tracks and remixes. A turntable expert ... mix master ... synthetic mad scientist. I don't know what I'm talking about at all here, so I'll cut this [dumb] post here and just request you to download the below songs and judge for yourself. So lost.

Also, THRILLS released a very cool mix -- Vinyl Mix from The Vortex c89.5FM -- in October of last year. There're some really cool tunes on that thing, too, and listening to it will probably give you a good idea of just how good a DJ this dude is.

THRILLS - Nothing

THRILLS - Lil Scrappy

Lips Can Kill - Friendly Persuasions (THRILLS Remix)

Buy it at Insound!


thrills pwns.