Escalator Records Interview

I've done my best to confirm this, but if I'm wrong, don't kill me.
I just completed the first non-Japanese interview with Tokyo's Escalator Records, the label that brought us all Yukari Fresh, Miniflex, Cubismo Grafico, most recently the astounding young talent that is Avalon, and many, many more.

On top of that, Escalator has a spectacular Harajuku record store, cafe, and weekly events night that's literally one of the most fun times you can find in Tokyo. They've been the bold voice of an outspoken and ignored generation that's been unable to fight its way to any sort of real cultural acceptance in its homeland. To outsiders, it's easy to say that Escalator and its followers are just obsessed with foreign musics, but look beneath the surface and you'll find a world of creativity, unique ingenuity, and individualism that's unparalleled even in the States, a land of tremendous musical output.

Check out the rather lengthy Q&A over at Anthem Online

Here's one of my favorite bites:
I'm curious about these new compilations called We Were Escalator Records. They're very ominous! Do they mean anything or is simply just a new series of mixes?

So, in my own mind, Escalator ended around 2006, when I started Every Conversation. I may be killed by the Japanese fans, so I can't say that in Japan [laughs], but I have no interest in the Japanese music scene, and never want to do business [in it].

If we keep on doing stuff like we did in those old Escalator days, maybe we'll get a smash hit and maybe we will make the living... but can you imagine that? [I'd be] so bored, fed up, nauseous.

Now Escalator has Cubismo Grafico's label KIT, so I don't concern myself at all with Escalator. Maybe only Avalon. They'll become better in a while, and maybe you'll want to put them in your magazine. But Escalator's old works are still highly acclaimed, so I did We Were Escalator Records, [out of] responsibly. Oh yes it maybe it's ominous. Quite literally. It's an anthology.

Editor's Note: A Japanese compilation album is called an "omnibus" CD.
And now a few Escalator tunes from the archives ... enjoy!

Cubismo Grafico - Fairytale of Escape (Tahiti 80 Remix)

Yukari Rotten - Break

Miniflex - Broodje

Losfeld - Clear Cut (feat. Gary Olson)

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Anonymous said…
well that interview puts an end to my notion of miniflex really being yukari, don't know how i got that idea
Nicholas Mercer said…
Nope -- they've always been married.

And I've visual proof!