Juvelen, Revisited

We posted a very, very low-quality version of Juvelen's (MySpace) hot new single, "Don't Mess," a few weeks back (if for some bizarre reason you'd prefer that version, visit the archived post), but since then, we've had a change of heart and are now offering a higher quality "Don't Mess" for download as well as a stream of the infectious, Latin-infused remix by Krazy Fiesta.

Hybris released the single -- buy the digital release or circular plastic disc version and support the wonderful, just-can't-make-a-wrong-move Swedish label. There seems to be a Juvelen long-player on the horizon, so get psyched for that (we're all getting tired of boss Swedish female singers -- when will a Morrissey, Mercury, or Gahan rise and properly rep the male voice in this post-Antony era?)

I think we were spot on with our March 5 description of the killer tune:
"Don't Mess" is a great tune ... it's a sublime merging of like, Cyndi Lauper and the Jackson Five. I put this on, and I alternate between wanting to sing the chorus to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "ABC" -- it's surreal, man.

Juvelen - Don't Mess

Juvelen - Don't Mess (Krazy Fiesta Remix)

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Don Simon said…
I have yet to grasp hit greatness, but isn't that exactly what Moto Boy is aiming for?