The Sound Of Arrows

Labrador Records has welcomed a new band into its family, The Sound Of Arrows (MySpace). The signing was just announced two days ago, so it's pretty fresh news!

Hailing from "Pop Heaven," Sweden, the duo seamlessly channels the two "extremes" of Labrador's sound. On one hand, they sound like Club 8 -- moody, atmospheric, baroque pop -- but on the other, they've the energy and hyper-pop leanings of say, the Legends or even Acid House Kings at times. Then again, one of the other songs on the Danger! EP, "Winding Roads," sounds pretty darn close to a Magnetic Fields rip off. And Mr. Pedro's remix of "Danger!" emulates the Pet Shop Boys like I've not heard in some time ...

Hard to place this one, but indubitably, they'll fit right in at Labrador. The EP -- which features the below "Danger!" tune -- will be released on Labrador Records on May 7 ... with a full-length following int he fall! Woo! Gotta hear much, much more of their stuff.

The Sound Of Arrows - Danger!

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