New Gentle Touch, "Once You Used To"

BBBD's waiting for Sweden's exquisite record label, Songs I Wish I Had Written, to offer us a P.R. job since we rep them so friggin' much, but alas, our inbox remains in want of such propositions.

The label -- also home to Moto Boy, the LK, Le Sport (you heard it here!) -- just released a new freebie single by Gentle Touch (MySpace), "Once You Used To" from the forthcoming proper long-player, In Memory of Savannah.

Imagine Shout Out Louds covering Depeche Mode or, better yet, the Pet Shop Boys ... with a 90s alternative rock side note also in the picture.

This is cool stuff that's very Songs I Wish I Had Written, very hooky, very soothing, and, of course, very gentle. Check it out!

Oh yeah! And be sure to view PSL's acoustic set Gentle Touch film as it exposes a grittier, punkier, and rawer side of the otherwise subdued duo. (PSL is to Sweden what Take Away Show is to France.)

Gentle Touch - Once You Used To

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