Animals Talking

If all U.K. guitar-pop bands were as good as Animals Talking, N.M.E. would be a 500-page weekly and music blogs would have a pretty tough time keeping up with the times. Fortunately, the London quartet is a rare gem, so for now, we'll just cherish them.

While the below two demos are pretty rough and sound crummier than they ought to, the beauty of Animals Talking's lo-fi indie-pop is undeniable and clearly juts out amongst the fuzz and scuzzy recordings that most likely were recorded in one take or minimally mixed. Or something. Keep an eye on these four as they're bound to churn out some phenomenal stuff ...

Animals Talking - It Was

Animals Talking - Reveal

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Blogger theneedledrop said...

"It was" is a seriously good tune. You're right about it shining through the lo-fi recording.

Blogger Ross said...

this is so good

Anonymous goldenticket said...

i like "it was"

Blogger Zuma said...

"It Was" is super groovy! Reveal is decent but what's up with those drums?? I guess off time fills are hip.


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